Sober Alcoholics: (Something’s Broken)

I’m a creative, who can’t create anymore.
It is gone? Will it ever comeback?
I’ve never went for so long without even a draft.
But now I’m getting terrified of this drought.

If I force it, I won’t feel the outcome.
If I wait any longer, I might just go mental.
So I stare at walls, with the hope they can turn my madness to magical.
But it’s just walls, now they just seem to be blocking everything that could be inspirational.

Maybe it’s time to get out more.
I’ve never been so desperate before.
Seeing something new might open new doors.
Maybe I’ve exhausted my skills, I’m in need of new ideas.

😊 Look at me, I’ve written something.
Maybe, after all, I just needed to take out a frustration.
Now that this is a piece, I suddenly feel a bit more at peace.
This is me realizing that, all I need is more of how I feel, than creating perfection.

I’m feeling better now.


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