Aliv3 Magazine Issue 05 – Wanna Fly? (Editors Note)

Flying is a concept that has been reserved for those with wings. No human has grown wings (not that I know of, anyway) but there have been so many comparisons to flying. This had me thinking about what it actually means and what one could relate to the closest feeling of flying.

As the team we pieced together a variety of concepts, played around with a lot of ideas.

We all have different descriptions and explanations for what we liken this feeling to. We looked at what you need to do to free yourself from what weighs you down.

We looked at how you could prepare the next person for lift off, listened to some music to blow off steam and get us amped for the skies even. Shout out to Sensei from E.A.T (Eagerly Abundant Talent) for his contribution to Aliv3 Music.

Putting this together, I realise that we might already be flying as we are on the rise and not at the bottom where we started.

We started the issue with flying as a metaphor for reaching a specific destination and feeling, but who’s to say we’re not there right now.

With us on the journey to become better and improving our conditions we are flying high. While we can imagine where we are going and on the quest to get there, we have taken off.

When we get there we will know and when we are comfortable with that stop we will once again take flight. 

Grow your own wings. Stay working on your spaceship, and update your software regularly.

Download the magazine here:


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