Nothing Matters

When I can’t go outside what use are these nice clothes?

When I can’t go anywhere what use does my car have?

Should I even get up today?

Wake up, work, make money, then spend it on impressing you?


So you telling me I need to show you my worth?

I need to look the part?

Which part? When did I audition for this role?

So I need to look like your idea of success?


No thank you

I’m not even going to tell you the things I have done

It would be pointless to school you on my train of thought

We don’t speak the same language, I’m an alien to you


I’m in my own world and I let a few visit

Crafting plans, designing spaceships

They all laughed at Noah until it went down

I am nothing like him, I’m just a guy


Planning the great escape, I live in my mind

Nothing Matters

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