“He’s full of himself.”

Translation: I wish I was as confident as him.


“Be realistic.”

Translation: Don’t talk about things I can’t understand and don’t want to take the time to think about.


“Oh, so you one of those…”

Translation: I am someone who categorises and puts people in boxes and by me hearing what you just said I have already come to a conclusion about you.


“Stick to your day job.”

Translation: Fall in line. You’re losing the plot.


I am a sharer. I am also extremely sensitive. I have been warned about human beings and how dangerous they are, but I never learn. The thought of being positive and kind to one another is not an impossible task to me. We are careless with our words these days and often say a lot of things that reveal ugly things about the type of people we are.

Not very long ago mental health was a cool word to throw around and post about… That’s it. I just remember the period very well.

We were constantly reminded that people go through these things and have these disorders and how we should know about them. We were given all these pieces of information and reminded about incidences. Everyone was advocating, talking to professionals and not being ashamed about having certain conditions and it was all good. Some even profited from the period and got some business but hey, we live in a capitalist world…

I feel like there was something that was ignored by the masses. Besides psychological conditions people might have, they also have triggers. Yes, it everyone’s individual responsibility to protect themselves (“protect your energy” as we would post) from these interactions but it is not always that easy. Someone could be taking abuse from a superior at work and can’t quit that job as they are supporting a family and can’t afford even a month off to look for new employment. The point I am trying to make here is that there was nobody addressing the messed up traits that we all have that can contribute to a person’s breakdown. We are delivering messaging with everything we say and don’t say. Everything we do sends a message to the next person and we need to take note of this.

I don’t know about every situation but I have noticed how we are each other’s downfalls a lot of the time.

You could have people that don’t talk to you as much or aren’t as cool with you anymore. Maybe you’ve grown apart; or they’re busy or going through some things; or it might be that you’re a toxic, messed up human being. Fix yourself.

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