Sober Alcoholics:(picture perfect)

Wait this is not my good side.
Switch that off, I’m not ready, I’m a mess.
Look, there’s a pimple, if I take it, it can’t be feathered.
They don’t want me like this, it’s not the standard.

Even the setting is not ready, are you kidding me?
No lights, no backdrops, you’re making fun of me.
Okay fine, at least give me a good view.
Something when I look at, I can lose myself to.

….I don’t know, how I got to be like this.
When I grew up, everywhere I entered noone wouldn’t notice.
Even at my worst day, I could still be hit.
I guess my outside could shield how fragile my inside has been.
Now every glitch is scary, because I’ve never learned to live with being naked.

Can somebody teach me?
That my flaws can show my beauty and the real me.
Can they show me how it feels to be unnoticed and not feel it?
How to live a life for me and be fulfilled?

Being picture perfect can also be tiring.
This is a place I’m myself, I’m grateful we have this team.


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