Intention (10 for 10 series)

Write down all your goals/ideas.

We all have a dream life or a couple of things we would like to achieve in life. It could be simple or it can be really big. It could be performing on a stage. It could be designing a house, playing an instrument, being a mentor to young kids or learning how to make your own clothes. All these things are in our control and don’t need a varsity qualification or large sums of money.

In 2018, 24th of November to be exact, after an ordinary day I sat down and decided to get my act together. During the day I had been making a list of things I would like to do. Not have… To do. Having, refers to possession and that can simply be done by anyone who has access to resources. Doing takes effort from me and putting in the time to learn.

I made this list of activities and end goals of milestones I would like to reach and next to them I put an approximate timeline. I categorized these goals into long-term and short-term. The long term goals contained objectives I would like to achieve in the future that consisted of little activities I needed to build up to become a big achievement in the end. The short-term goals were activities I had to do in my everyday life so that I can be what I want to be today. An example of this for me was to make music and learn about music every day, by doing this I could earn the right to call myself a musician. By merely sticking to doing this on a daily basis, I will have accomplished one of my long-term goals – of being a musician.

They usually say that what we are is determined by what we do. This is true and instead of letting it apply to dull and sad times like when you are engaging in negative self-talk, we can use it to motivate ourselves.

Things to remember

At the start of the new decade, in 2020, I decided that I would share 10 concepts, lessons, ideas and experiences to keep us moving forward and living more fulfilled lives. The first one I have is; setting an intention – intention to work on yourself, intention to live differently or an intention to chase your dreams. Everything starts with making a decision and following up on it.

Here is a video I recorded when I decided to move differently and set my intentions.

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