Talent Shows (stories for when we get successful)

Because of where we come from and what we’ve been made to believe.
It has never once occurred that one day we’ll be sitting here.
There was a time all we were was consumers, and all we wanted was to be at least entertained.
However, the entertainers were in turn searching for a story to tell.

We only thought entertainment only meant amusement.
Some entertainers kept it that way, because they didn’t want to ruin their status.
Some found subtle ways of incorporating their story within.
Our ignition was sparked because we started to listen.

Ever watched or listened to something and got goosebumps.
Some talent was never amusing, it just went straight to the heart.
At times we could hear our stories and barriers being told by a third party.
That was when we realized that even people like us are sometimes invited to the party.

So we liked their talent, but focused more on the story.
All we wanted to find out was how one of us went on to get such glory.
So that we can also find a ladder and move up instead of always being sorry.
We found out there’s plenty of space up there because we always want to go alone.

This is why we had to go there having a team.
It made it easier to endure everything which made us want to scream.
We knew we were not alone, many like us want representation.
This is why the person we want to win, is the one we can relate to, more than the one may be more talented.


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