My Name vs My work: (stories for when we get successful)

Depending on what timeline you see this from, hearing my name has a different effect as compared to the other timeline.
If you knew me before, you’d pass me by without a wave, unless you were a good person.
Now you may want to listen, because of what you’ve seen me doing.
That’s because now you can associate my name with something, unlike remembering a name when they’ve done nothing.

You only know my name because of the work I’ve done.
If I did nothing, I’d still have my name, but noone would know me.
That’s why it is easy to disrespect a person until you hear who they are.
When you know who they are, you know what they are capable of.

If the timeline I’m in now, is not in my favor, all I have to do is keep pushing.
They gon be surprised when they have to put respect on my name because they were sleeping.
I know I didn’t have much, but no one had a better work ethic.
This is gon be why my name will gain weight because it took years of practice.

The moral of all this?
Your family did their job to be where you are.
It is up to you to become who you are.
Your family name may not be known, it is your work which will make it go far.
Work now and suffer, but in the end, when you step in they will bow.

This is for all of us


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