THICK SKIN: (stories for when we get successful)

There are haters everywhere.
We just find ways to deal with the hate.
We numb our senses in order to get the job done.
At the end of the day, those who make the loudest noise can never achieve what we are hoping to achieve.

So, you can’t blame us for being paranoid.
We find it difficult to know who has a genuine agenda.
We had to develop a thick skin to bulldoze our way through.
Now, they call us big guns because of every obstacle we went through.

But, there’s a downfall with thick skins.
You end up not feeling anything.
You can’t differentiate which is success, and which is failure.
You’ve gotten used to being numb to everything because of the many hurdles in the way.

A thick skin can keep you on the defensive.
It can make you do things in response to showing the haters who is boss.
And when you try to find yourself, you don’t find any satisfaction.
Because everything you have done so far, you never felt it in any way.

Maybe a lil bit of vulnerability can keep you in check.
In order to know what you passionate about, it has to come from the heart.
And when others are talking about it, you have to pay attention.
Maybe you won’t have to make them happy, but you can realize the fact they are talking is a sign of significant impact.

Nothing wrong with thick skin though, but with too much of it, something definitely is.
In life you want to have those who make you smile, but you also have to find those who are critical.
The hard truth is that we learn more from failing than when we are celebrating.
As much as we don’t want haters, we need people who will constantly challenge our stands.



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