Who’s really moving? (Editors note from issue 03 of the Aliv3 Movement)

In the land of forgotten heroes

In the times of great confusion

In the midst of all the mist

I see a crowd marching


In a world of light speed innovation

In the times of here today and gone tomorrow

At a time where it seems all has gone to the dogs

The retired look on at this disruption


Rebelz fighting to be truly free

The ‘nerd’ starting a revolution from his keyboard

Students of the game preserving what’s pure

Young bloods with their battle gear on, changing the game

Who’s really moving?


We’re a month behind on our issue for the month. I have been out of reach for 3 weeks straight. Nobody knows what’s going on. Everybody is looking for me and calling everyone I hang out with. Meanwhile, I’ve completely shut off and am clearing my mind.

I come back to the real world and open my phone, nothing. I call my friend and let him know I’m back, he goes crazy. Tells me how everyone was on his case asking about me and why I seem to have disappeared. This had me excited and had me thinking of how making an impact and changing your situation is not just a once-off thing, but a persistent process. It reminded me how we shouldn’t stop moving.

Move? Where to?
Simple. While you’re on your bicycle cycling to a destination or to the desired location you never know how much you have traveled until you stop.

With our third issue, I was lucky enough to get hold of good friends and meet new like-minded creatives who believe in hard work and chasing their dreams. I had a battle of the movements challenge with Kopano from Unthinkable and it clicked once more that as long as we are on the path to a better place we are doing good, growing strong, growing together.

This issue is dedicated to all the dreamers making moves that nobody gives them recognition for. We see you and will be making contact soon.

Check our third issue of the magazine here:

Aliv3 Magazine issue 03


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