Aliv3 Meets Kopano (Unthinkable)

I first met this guy in 2018 through his business partner who I had spotted wearing Unthinkable clothing. It was my third time seeing these cool jackets and sweatpants with ‘Unthinkable’ standing out. I asked Angel about her clothes and she said she makes them with her team.

IMG-20190531-WA0030  IMG-20190531-WA0022

Fast forward a few months later I was organising a photoshoot for Instawash and I finally got the chance to meet Kopano, the founder of the brand. Quiet and very observant when I first checked him out but as the day went on and we were moving from venue to venue I noticed that we had a lot in common. Later on in the day after wrapping up the shoot we had more conversation and we both saw the days events as something big and we had the vision to do more work together and see how far we can push the limits and break through the barriers we had come across in our separate journeys.

From that day we kept in contact with each other and every time we’d see each other out we would keep reminding ourselves about the bigger picture. Watching him move and taking notes from him definitely inspired me and made me get started with the movement so we can move forward together.

We finally got to meet up with him two year after the shoot and had a proper talk and class was in session once again.

The learning never stops.

Check out the video here.

Aliv3 Meets Kopano (Unthinkable)

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