Sober Alcoholics: (A Beautiful Freak)

On surface
I’m clean, I’m fair, I smile bru
I speak sense, with my words I can inspire you
I am everything you need to call a guy good
There are many things you can find when I’m in a good mood
I’m beautiful

Back away back away, don’t come close
I’m deep, I’m deep, I’m deeper
If you hear my thoughts, I’m sorry I’ma have to kill ya
Trust me, I can do that faster than a machine gun
I am everything you are scared of in each and every guy.
I’m a freak

But. Hey. I understand you
I understand that they don’t understand you
I can make you understand why they can’t see that you’re so good
You need me by your corner in this world world that is so screwed. (I’m beautiful)

Wait. Hey. You don’t understand me
You don’t understand where I’ve been and what this face mean
All these scars in my face can never be seen
I paint them out like a clown, children smile too
If I wipe it off, even adults will not know where to run to. (I’m a freak)

So choose, which side do you go for
Choose the place, and time right coz it’s protocol
Where you end up is not my fault, you’ve made your call
I can be a peaceful dream, or I can be a nightmare.

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