A Mantra: Do it for you

All the times I’ve looked foolish, felt foolish, acted even more ditzy, these are the moments that have landed me the rap sheet I have today. I wear not just any badge of honour. There is something in me that will live forever. I go into the world today, accepting once more that I know nothing. I wake up belonging to one light. A ball of energy, I don’t walk alone. Ngihamba nabakhulu. Heaven all around me, let’s me know that akulutho olungavimba. Saba, be afraid, yet walk on, the anthem calls. I am not living if I am not nervous, embarrassed, shaken, all’s still forgiven. Behold, life, a glorious mess wrapped in the intricate bow that I am.

Walk tall, talk bold, calm down as your heart sees fit. Follow through, fall if you must, but always remember to step. Distance knows no direction, kid. I wish I could tell you how knowledge was promised at the end of all this. But only wisdom will leave you knowing just how little you know with a kick of zeal to make you yearn for more learning. So let that wave of grace carry you. Let mercy propel you forward.

Learn love, learn life and all its precious sciences, and through this trying course, learn yourself – and by this I mean all the peaks and kwirks that are you. We all need someone to go through the fire for us, but if you don’t do it for you first, how will you learn your worth?

By Lucas Pezeta on Pexels

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