Aliv3 Magazine issue 02: A World Where Money Makes No Sense

To the young boy, ever so curious
The young boy with outrageous dreams Young boy, big big dreamer
Young boy, who knew of world
This world, which only seems to be for kids To the young boy who chose to stay young Young boy, Peter Pan

This is a collection of a bunch of concepts and ideas I always thought were cool. I used to see alot of the things I see now on tv and knew of this type of environment existed. I never knew where it was exactly but I would screenshot models and designers in varsity and tell my best friend “this is the real me”. We would laugh and it was all fun. He believed me somehow, I don’t know why too.

Fast forward a year later I’m in the same spaces with those very creatives I used to see on the internet. The rest of the story will be told later.

Moral of the story ? You don’t have to grow up.



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