Sober Alcoholics: (Can’t Deliver)

A man, has to provide.
This has become a norm.
An appearance brings expectations.
You can’t look good and expect others to pity you.

This posture has been maintained for too long.
People have been asking non stop.
Because the service has always been there,
It doesn’t mean that does not tire and exhaust.

Then you say I can’t, it becomes a problem.
Everything you’ve done is forgotten because of one no.
It gets frustrating because you’ve never experienced resistance.
You’ve been a good servant, but you also need time for service.

You take some time off, get yourself away from the noise
Re imagine your life and goals in order to realign your actions.
You do this because you don’t want to continue with something which doesn’t serve you purpose.
And you don’t want to deliver anything which is below your threshold.

Your time is precious, you can’t go with the wind.
Your strength is in understanding you can’t always do everything.
It also lies in understanding it is okay to ask for help.
There is no expert who performs with no help from someone else.

This is why we must have a trusted team.


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