Here’s to the next decade: (stories for when we get successful)

The year is 2029, you’re looking back at 2019
At the end of 2019, lists of the decade were made.
You believed some deserved to make the cut.
And you were maybe surprised by certain inclusions in some other lists.

In all that, you realized that you didn’t deserve to even make the list you made up in your head.
You questioned yourself as to WHY is that?
The answer was, you didn’t work as hard enough.
So you made a promise to lead every list in the next decade.

You made a list of the spaces you want to occupy,
You made a schedule of high value tasks and their deadlines in order to reach your goals.
You studied more about the best and never stopped being a student, because you realized education was an infinite subject.
Your vision became very clear such that when you were working towards it, it seemed like you were working backwards.

It’s 2029, and you’re having a meal with young ones who are inspired by your work.
You’re taking them through of how you made it happen, and also referring them to others who helped you along the way.
You’re also reminding yourself of what an incredible decade you’ve had and you promise yourself to do it all over again.

It’s not 2029 yet, so this could be about you
Make the decision and live it through
In the next decade, we want to be talking to you.




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