How are you? (The power of words)

They say actions speak louder than words, I beg to differ, words are powerful in a number of reasons and can have a positive and a negative impact on someone’s life.

We often judge people’s character by actions but what you say to can define you. Reaching out to a friend , someone in need or a total stranger, with a helpful advice and guidance, someone’s character is built by the word’s you utter.

You can heal by words like “zinjani izinto ekhaya” (how are things at home). We must never underestimate the power of words we utter. They can encourage, discourage, they have the power to put someone in tears, the power to put a smile, the power to break a heart and to heal a heart as well.

So before you utter any word think twice because of the impact they might have in the next person and how will they define your character and image.

A. Mnguni


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