Seats and Paths

There’s always different kinds of people. There’s seat holders, and there’s path finders. To keep the tradition and never deviate from what has always been done, seat holders are best suited for such a position. Those are the kinds of people who will always remind us of how far we’ve come because of these procedures in place. For these guys, mistakes are punishable, and correction measures must be taken immediately.

However, when a new and innovative competition comes, they refuse to notice the impact. Until, it is felt in the pocket or when the so called loyal followers are jumping ship. The same seat holders start to be more harsh on whoever answers to them about not sticking to the traditional principles enough, whereas everyone is moving away from the tradition. A seat holder protects their seat, because in their head, everyone else is eyeing that same seat. Life is sitting there for as long as possible, there’s no procession plan.

And then, there’s those who understand that they don’t know everything about where they want to go. They paint the vision and ask everyone around them to help in building a way to reaching such a goal. These are the kind who embrace mistakes and find solutions from every transgression, in order to have flexible routes to the destination. These people believe in nurturing every raw talent at their disposal, and thereby allowing different and inclusive working environment for every individual in the team.

Path finders bring the revolution and innovation we never thought we needed in life, and today, we find ourselves not able to live with such in our everyday lives. And we are always faithful to those who saw something in us, when nobody else did. This where loyalty comes from. A person complies to authority, but a person will choose to die for a leader.


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