Sober Alcoholics: (Heroes are…)

Capes and masks have become synonymous with the heroes we see today.
Partly that is the same in real life, because we never pay attention to our own heroes.
Not to put the blame on anyone, the lack of recognition is also because real heroes do not go around and praise themselves for their deeds.
It is only when we sit and think of where we’ve come, that we realize that we wouldn’t be even here if it was not for certain individuals in our lives.

Sometimes they forget what they did for us, but if we are good people, we always remember that they saw something different in us which ourselves were not even observant of.
They sometimes sacrificed their time to be happy and stayed to be miserable with us.
Because we are sometimes broken people, we often choose to chase them away thinking that they do not worth our time, because they are patient, they choose to stay nonetheless.
They seem to have it all, because they go all the way trying to make everyone feel like they worth something in the world, and expecting nothing in return.

Heroes uplift other heroes

Heroes always there’s light at the end of the tunnel, we ridicule them because we want instant results.
When the light shows at the end, they do not remind us of what they said, hence we think we made there on our own.
Heroes go to sleep hungry while making sure others with less power than them never go to bed without anything to sleep.
You will find heroes in queues submitting a CV for a kid whom everyone has lost hope in because they couldn’t find a job, so they decided to drown themselves with drugs and alcohol.

Heroes keep trying, when everyone else has given up.
Heroes keep seeing, when everyone else has stopped looking.
Heroes keep hoping, in a world with no hope and is unsafe.
It is because of such heroes that we are still alive, and they will never tell us that.

In a world so broken, it is difficult to find people we can trust.
We always look for the broken fragments in everyone, hence they cycle continues.
Because we are broken, we may never find a perfect hero, however, we can always find little fragments of heroes all around us if we look closer.
We may find something to be grateful for, we just have to stop looking at the wrong side of the lens.

Please take a moment and say thank you to someone who has been a hero in your life. You may be igniting a spark of more good deeds which could change the world.



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