Sober Alcoholics: (Unemployed)

Where I come from, when you are pissed off, but you do not wish to use your energy towards what pissed you off, you’d say “ayinamsebenzi’ and move on.
Direct translation of the phrase is “it does not have work”, however, the correct meaning is “it doesn’t matter” or “it’s not worth it”.
Because the word “umsebenzi” means work or a job, as we grew older and had a bit of English vocabulary, when we got pissed off and we didn’t take it seriously, we would jokingly say “it’s unemployed”, instead of “ayinamsebenzi” or “it’s not worth it” and then laugh it off and move on.

In that context, when something doesn’t matter, it means it’s no use putting your energy towards it.
It means it is not worth any attention, as it does not add any value to what is already at play, hence it is easy to look away from it.
And when one decides to put effort on something which doesn’t matter, the assumption is that, all that they are doing is just a waste of time.
Because every one wants to focus on something which adds value to them, they always walk away from things which do not add anything to the table.

And then the question arises. Is the same reasoning used when looking at the rate of those without jobs these days?
The question is asked because unemployed people can only add something to the table when it is time to cast a vote or show support to anyone who has to look in front of a certain class of people.
Either than that, all unemployed people do, is beg to be given a break or bread.
It seems, the same people who made promises are now good at making excuses.
At the beginning of campaigns, the language is always about numbers, but later on the language changes to economics.

Big companies or big players keep getting the same and more jobs, because they have a proven “track record”, no one seems to take a leap of faith for those who are unknown.
Every job seems to ask for experience, and it seems certificates obtained will come last.
And because every job provider is looking for their own profit, some people on the job get to be replaced by automation. this in turn increases the number of the people in line, and decreases the chances of the one who feels like a little guy.

It looks like those who are suppose to provide look at us, and feel we are not worth their energy and effort.
Because the numbers are increasing in the wrong direction, everyone is now on survival mode.
You see people fighting everyday, not because they hate each other, but they are just fighting to be noticed and taken in.
And then a cycle of bitter people develops, and we loose what we used to pride ourselves all these years…. HUMANITY

Now we find ourselves with the urge to take what is not ours.
We justify it by saying this is not the world of the weak.
Only because there is no place which allows us to make mistakes as we learn,
But they all want a piece of us when they see perfection.

When all is doom and gloom, and we loose all that makes us human.
When we start to see ourselves starting to behave like animals and not think of the next person.
May a reminder of it’s not worth it come to our heads and say “Ayinamsebenzi”


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