Sober Alcoholics: (The Curse of a Pretty Face)

Being handsome/beautiful has its perks.
You are easy on everyone’s eye.
Your environment will always have a glimpse of a smile.
The tricky part is not knowing if everyone’s intention is as genuine.

In a world of predators, making it to the top is always questionable when you have such a face.
Sometimes you may think people are listening, yet they are just staring.
Busy admiring and neglecting the important matter on the table which needs attention.
Now you have to act rude, just to be taken serious for something which didn’t really need so much effort.

And then being nice is a flirt, and saying yes is a chance,
Leading to realization that no one is actually on the same page.
One was just being human, while another was a jerk.
And you end up not knowing who is real, and who is fake.

This is why we yearn so much for a place,
Where we can be free and not be scared,
Of provoking anyone just by being what we are and how we look.
A place where where we can simply say, here we are safe.


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