I See You

I see
You over there!
With the steady stance
And your firm tone
You with the strong jaw line
and stern backbone,
I see you
And know I can’t begin to understand the depth of the seas you are made of
The space you abide in – be it a warm place or tight spot
How far you have travelled through time
How far you’ve had to go for life to come full circle
It’s never quite as simple as a full stop, is it?

I see,
You never want to stop with the dreaming, the living,
You’ve travelled from afar to make it to today
I know you feel you’ve been trying,
And on the hardest days, you acknowledge in defeat
How it hasn’t been enough
How you may have touched a few,
But know you could be doing more

But isn’t it great to see
That beautiful scenery has been crafted
And awaits to be explored by you and me
How despite all you think you know and have seen
That a curious stranger sees you from afar and wants to know how you’re doing
And what they can do to ease your troubles?

Isn’t it something to know that in a world where bonds are forged as bridges are burnt,
There is still a good heart yearning for your knowing
The shores are calling your name,
You hear them in the shells whispering the messages left for you
Too busy searching in a bottle
Bottoms up, they imagine!
As they thirst for the warm embrace of your aching limbs
They yearn for an imprint, no matter how temporary
Of your body sprawled into the earth as if that is where your troubles will sleep tonight before they are washed away…

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

To know your skin and be enfolded between the parts of you that you really are made of and the ones you insist the world gets to know for good impressions

I see you!
Over there, sticking to the walkways,
So careful not to interrupt nature as if you don’t belong in it
The grass sees you too
As it gently sways to the rhythm of the wind with its legs and arms Side to side trying to catch your attention
Yearning for your intrusion
Go on, look in that direction!
And you may find that there is still time
Made for us to unwind
As the grass cushions your burdened back
And the sky reads your mind for a minute
And maybe writes a letter back to you
If only you would let it…

Photo by Vitória Santos from Pexels

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