Born-Free Rebelz

This is an anthem for the young people that I refer to as the Born-Free Rebelz.

Read the lyrics then listen to the song. Comment if you see yourself as a born-free rebel.

“We live for today dont five a f%#k about tomorrow

Tryna find ourselves, no role models to follow

Can’t afford normal, ordinary no more

When no one understands you and no one really gets it

Don’t know what you want but for sure this ain’t it

Lost and confused while tired of complaining”

This refers to the young people who often find themselves not fitting in and feeling like there’s no one to talk to. I wrote this at a time in my life where I felt like the view I had on life and normality was not the same as that of the masses. I found myself in a good place that most would be grateful for but it felt like it wasn’t for a person like me. I felt like I was misplaced.

“Asking myself: what does it mean to be young?

See we doing stupid things, getting high, getting drunk

F%#k around, f%#k up your life, regret  the things that we’ve done.

Are we killing ourselves or are we just having fun?

Are we here to leave a mark, follow dreams be a star?”

When I wrote these lines I was thinking about how being young is seen as a time to be irresponsible and its all justified by the term YOLO – You Only Live Once. We are a generation that finds a lot of fun in being out of our minds and I felt like there was more that we need to do as we are the generation that is ‘born free’.

“I don’t know what I want, I think I just wanna fly

I wanna be free, blow smoke, I just wanna fly

I wanna be me, read books, I just wanna fly

I wanna do what I want, I wanna do what I love

I wanna wake up with a smile next to the one that I love

I wanna go sightseeing, do what excites me

Mountain top I might be, find me meditating

On the grass so green, forget the world exists”

The word fly here I use in describing that I want to be free. In this passage, I talk about all the things I would like to do in my everyday life. I talk about the dreams I have of traveling the world and seeing beautiful sunsets and being calm (and one with) nature.

“Sleep under the moon, f%#k, I wanna do shrooms

Take me to the other side, ain’t coming back soon

Help me find the real answers, get everything in tune

Got everybody sleep-walking, we all doomed

OR, I might be crazy, just acting the fool”

With everyone going through life trying to survive and being involved in the things of the world, I’ve noticed that we never give ourselves the chance to slow down and observe our surroundings. Here I was talking about the continuous search for knowledge that I feel is vital but we don’t take this into consideration a lot of the time.

“BUT — in the meantime we care-free and reckless

We paper-chase and get this

We stay up and restless

Clubbing till the AM, dabbing worries away

Sleeping till the day then, same cycle again

Do you really call it freedom when you acting like a slave when

Your bad habits got you and you can’t help but cave in

Feeling like you caged in”

With everything happening and with us feeling like we’re not where we are meant to be, we still don’t do enough to better or improve our situations. We find ourselves partying, trying to chase money by any means and live this unfulfilled life. This life gets old, yet we continue with the cycle as if we are trapped and find no problem with it.

“See most of y’all mistaken

Thinking that the money is the measure of who made it

Paradigm shifting, got my mind drifting

Got to the point where I’m doubting my existence

Talking, no one listening, asking what is missing”

When I learned that money is not everything, I found myself questioning the priorities that I had. I use to talk to the people around me and all it did was make me sound like a communist hippie. This was a really confusing point in my life and it forced me to slow down and re-evaluate my perspective and beliefs.

“Decided to just sit down, take a minute look within

Found what I was looking for, had it from the beginning

What the world can never offer and that freedom from the peace within”

In the end, I found that I don’t have have to subscribe to any labels nor try too hard to be anything. I learned that the most important thing is living a good life, being good to people and being at peace with myself.


This is the song, Born-Free Rebelz by A.V.L

Born-Free Rebelz

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