Written by: Anele Mangqalaza


The above question is a question that has been asked, especially during my high school years, we would be asked to write essays on this topic. My teacher used to stress the importance of knowing, where you are from, who you are and where you are going.

Asking a young pupil this question, you are guaranteed to get generic answers.
Previously my answer would be, “I am from Mthatha, I am Anele, and I am going to be a doctor.”
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the answers I gave in my teen years because my answers were based on the experiences and knowledge I had back then.

Growing up, we go through stages, and in those stages we get to be exposed to certain experiences, from those experiences we collect memories. Life is a collection of experiences.
From very young ages we get told how to behave, who we ought to be, what we should eat, who or what to believe in. we also observe from the people around us, from our observations we draw conclusions and we start compiling our life stories.

There comes a time in every person’s life where one gets to question all that one has been made to believe.
And I believe that this is where the journey to self cav/discovery begins.

Importance of defining yourself. For yourself.

 I am quiet, I am shy, and I have a unisex name. Those are the descriptions I used to have for myself. All of the above are true for me.

Having a unisex name used to be a bother for me, almost everyone I meet would be shocked that I have a boy’s name or whatever or they would make a joke about it because ANELE translated to English means Enough, so they would say that my parents were tired of having children so that decided to say Enough, because I grew up thinking I was quiet I would not argue with the person.

Now, because I am much older and wiser, I absolutely love my name. I was sitting one day and a thought just came to my mind about this name ANELE, Enough. I thought of defining my name for me because it was mine at the end of the day, and I came to the conclusion that my name means Enough, it means that I have enough of everything inside of me, I do not need any exterior factors to validate my existence. I have enough magic, wisdom, love, compassion and understanding for myself and for the rest of the world and I believe no one is different from the other, we ALL have enough magic within us the only difference is whether you believe it to be true or not.

Anele Mangqalaza is currently an engineering technician at a governmental institution. Soon to be on big stages talking and inspiring people on the concept of understanding yourself. We are honored as The GeltonNation’s team to be trusted to share part of her wisdom. Words with A

Anele Speaks on self-belief. Please Listen and pass on to the next person



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