Keep the Dream: (stories for when we get success)

This has always been a dream
Standing here and speaking to you
Because, once I was sitting where you are sitting
And frustrated about when my time will come.

I, too thought I was never destined for greatness.
Even as I stand here, I don’t feel I’m that great.
But the fact that I’m here, at least it means I’ve done something right.
So because of that, the very existence of me being here, is to try to ignite in you some light.

I hope you’re listening.

(Photo: Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock)


Just like everything in nature, if it still lives, it still has a role to play in the ecosystem. Our existence is to find what role we need to play, because once we die, nothing else will matter. It may seem nothing is on your side right now, but as long as your spirit lives, you can overcome every challenge which you come across.
We only fail when we stop trying.
Are you worried about what people will say? Please wait and see them when your life turns around.


There are things we do which lights us up every time we do them. These are things we are willing to do for free, things we are happy to teach the next person. Sometimes, we find it difficult to realize such things in our lives. This requires serious soul searching. This forces us to look at our past, no matter how disappointing it is.
In our past, we understand the patterns we use on every occasion. Those patterns often shape our entire being. If we look even closer, the patterns we choose, are what define us.


I wrote this at one of my lowest points in life. The time when I felt motivation running away from me. I wrote this feeling like the people who are “suppose” to support me, are actually the ones who are shutting down my every move. They just want me to satisfy only their selfish expectations of me. My voice is only good when it echoes what they want to hear. So I wrote this to remind me of where I see myself.
Now I’m sharing to remind you to remind yourself of where you see yourself.
Because if we see ourselves as nothing, we become nothing.
And if we see where we are going, we truly have a reason to live.

I can go on, but this is where I stop.


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