On the brink…

I remember waiting for you,

Sure that you’d be my saving grace

A soul as beautiful as you,

How could you not?


Strong as our faith in each other was,

Such forces of nature

Tell me, what storm could stand against, between, even with no man for us?


Timeless beauty,


Such a bond,

Formed in strained times

No knot is forged as strong as that born of a tug of war


Above the law, I would’ve committed any wrong to get to you

Pulling so hard, each team is

Some for men and some women

While others tugged for bare sanity,

Others did for the luxury of glory

And who’s to say if fighting for one does not mean standing to lose the other?


Keep knowing peace

Get to know me

Hope you’ll keep me

Mantras to the mirror before the gods of contradicting convictions collide

Mantras to the mirror on the brink of eminent cracks

Or the brink of peace


Always at the eye, is the brink of peace

Always at the eye, is the brink of peace

We’ve pulled so hard, shifted way off our centre

I’ll tell you now, that the day I won is the exact same one I lost a battle

Between all the fighting, I chose too many,


Forgot that I could be wounded

Injure my back

Fall on my face

And don’t fights usually slowly shift you off your axis?

I’ve found the rug pulled from under me while firmly standing my ground

But to reject conflict would hint at a lack of spirit, fire, back-bone or substance, I feared


I found it all a bit funny,

How I could break my back,

Bend over backwards

Strain my backbone trying to prove that I had one

My undying loyalty to ideas, beliefs, systems, culture

Could still be the death of me

If they aren’t already

* * *

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

Then again, what is the essence of living,

If not accompanied by its ever-peaking state of fragility?

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