You can say I’m blowing steam

Blowing smoke

Learning the essence of being

Few giggles, no jokes


Bruised but taking more blows

Still standing, concrete

rooted on my feet


Who said? Who’s been there?

Who really knows if we’re chasing air?

Chasing dreams is all we about


Visionaries in shades and ripped clothing

Paving the way for the brave

Getting medals, a round of applause for stuff we not proud of

Who we really living for?

What are we put here to do?


Lying on the grass thinking of how cool it would be

Getting paid to share my thoughts, listen to music and just be

Learning about the world’s great mysteries, philosophies, and new inventions

Bunch of like-minded rebels, good-hearted

Kind intentions.


Road to self-discovery, lonely and sad

Mind playing tricks, heart stitched but going strong

Letting go and stripping lies let the truth tremble bare

So close but yet so far, hope I’m headed somewhere.


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