Setting the Path: (stories for when we get successful)

We believe in things we can see,

But using the eyes only is limiting.

Whoever trusts the naked eye hasn’t learned the harsh truth of deceiving looks.

But we still believe in things we can see.

Where we see ourselves in the future is not because of the eyes.

And because we remember our past, it only means our memory works.

Religious people can actually see God, it is why God works wonders for them.

No one can actually posses something they cannot see.

Our minds can see everything, only if we really want to see them.

Our bodies can help us achieve anything, as long as the mind has a picture of where we are going.

Desire is always a result of a circumstance we all want to leave behind.

And because of the pain, we picture ourselves in a place where there’s no longer pain, and work towards that place.

If you reading this, I hope you see yourself in a better place.

Yes, you can acknowledge where you are now, but if you see no way out, you’re probably right.

And if you choose to see a different reality in your mind, a plan might just fall into place and you’ll find a beautiful story in which The GeltonNation wants to share.

You are the role model we are always talking about, find yourself,then find us, and inspire us to do more.

Where do you see yourself?


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