This suit doesn’t suit me

This tie is tying me up

I don’t have a category

No folder to file me


This suit doesn’t suit me

These shiny shoes sink me in quicksand

This belt is squeezing me

Every day I hold my breath




Drunk with confusion

Chasing an illusion

Yet I dress up, power up, head held high

Come home and de-stress, light-up, get high



This suit doesn’t suit me

Yet I wear it every day with hopes and dreams of change

Find me cycling a mile, reaching time sheets

In a cycle with time, tick tock, the heart beats



Strategize everyday

Break free from these cubicles

Programmed by computer programs

Problem-solving, I’ve been aware



This suit doesn’t suit me

So I’ve decided to be a designer

Custom fit these pants

Corrupt The Man, produce bootlegs




Untie my neck, look around

Re-establish on the ground

Preparations for the runway, jogs is vicious

Vivid vision, victim no more, T-shirt V-neck



This suit doesn’t suit me

Turn these blazers to jackets

Hear the feet stomping, rebellions starting

No signatures needed, just press, we’ll do the marching



Sober Alcoholics

Let’s get to building, get the bricks

Stand as one, moving forward

For all the kids and misfits

We here to bring a change

We always here, you should visit.

Sober Alcoholics2

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