Looking in the mirror and I’m shocked abit

Person that I thought I was has disappeared and I’m in awe abit

To think that all this time I wasn’t aware of it

Revelations thrown at me, full force, overwhelmed abit


Sometimes I sit and wonder, am I a good person?

Do these voices in my head mean that I am that person?

Do I have to be nice, to the next person?

have to be empathetic, help the next person?


One of the most pointless things is the feelings of regret

Am I expected to get better by the quantity of treatment

Is it how people behave around me that make you talk about this treatment

When I tell you that I am well please know that I do mean it


Am I here as a patient or am I being patient?

Why does it seem like I’ll be healed by being medicated?

All I need and want is some sun and some meditation

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