In search…

Where am I?
Why has so much turned into something I don’t know?
Is this not what I chose?
Is this not what we wanted?
Sure it is – a part of the picture
To have one piece arranged, and the others falling apart

Constant signals of how change must come
One step at a time
But what do I know about taking it easy?
About tackling smart and not fighting hard

* * * * * *

Because lately all I seem to do is
Run into a wall. Repeat
My daily bread – Reap, eat.

* * *

I forget that for every wall made, there is a drill to break it down,
For every emergency, there is a drill to regroup
For every lone wolf, a call
For every searching drop, an island
For every line, an ocean-sized blur,

And for every ocean, there sure lies a sun-glazed shore

And so I will learn each, and not One Day
I will learn each day
To pick my battles wisely
One Day, a myth we all fanticize about
A careless promise made
This wait for one specific day to be the chosen one
But there lies a danger in the wait
Meet your ball halfway, a good coach always said
Preparation will always beat the wait

But in moving, a certain compass must be crafted
A way must be paved 
For the wait to make way for preparation
For one day to make way for each moment
For speed to make way for direction
We will be more than puzzle pieces designed to fit into one form
Akin to liquid, learn to embrace the journey of each mould, we will
With each bending force, more trying than the one before
We will learn to shed and collect time as our true treasure
Remembering that investing will seem as good as wasting at one point
Because at the eleventh hour, the same bell will strike for us all
And within may be where our riches reflect the most
Where no one can see
Where time stands still

So we will still spend it carefully to chase our ever receding twilight
Granted we will all be spent, but on something bigger than ourselves for once
Granted we will all be spent, but it’ll be worth it at times
And we will only know from subtle and swift shape shifts
Whether any of it was worth the trouble at all
For any change to come, a price must be paid
One way or another

* * *

The true scale lives within
The world will never know true success like your inner most does

Unlearn if it means that you might grow
Open up even if it means that you leave the dot
For if you never try, you will never know
How it feels to come full circle to the home that is you

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