The Unbounded Spirit Date accessed: 24 March 2019

I grew up on television 

Running for the telephone 

Programmed without knowing

Depleting my underdeveloped vision



I grew up on action movies

Delta force, Rambo

Gunfights with pieces of a branch

Ducking Imaginary bullets 

Who knew years later we’d be running from catching feels?



I grew up knowing I had to be home before the street lights come on

I grew up having fist fights

I grew up writing letters to my crush

No courage to say ‘Hi’ but quick to grab a pen telling her how she made me feel when I saw her at lunch

Chris brown kiss


Fast forward, adulthood seems too hard to bare

I dread getting phone calls, no air to communicate 

I wake up, look at my screen before my eyes are open 

If I got no data I’m lost in the desert


20-adulting, movies are shot from the palm of our hands

Rather get views then help a sister, lend a hand

20-adulting, 9-5 is a betrayal to our younger selves

Suit up, put on a smile and hold your breath for 8 hours

Never knew I’d have to blend in and hide my superpowers Super hero 2.png


Superman & Spider-Man, my idols taught me well.


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