Sober Alcoholics: (V is for Vulture)

The truth is, no matter what we are going through, at the end of the day we all want a success story.
We may not be able to define what success is, but we have a picture of how we would like our story to play out.
Some like to compete to show how their success is better than others, while some just want a quite individual route of their success.
No matter where we are at in life, poor or slightly poor, we just want to be successful, even when we don’t know how to do it.

We end up using words like “by any means” or “I’ll do anything” to see this through.
We look for opportunities where we don’t know we’ll find any, we keep knocking.
We find those who smile and seem to support our cause, so we start trusting.
We believe everyone we meet because we believe there’s still humanity in the world.

And then, we get promises for help to get us there, so make those deals.
In hindsight, we make compromises to meet the deliverables we made on those deals.
To our surprise, for some unknown circumstances, they don’t do their part of the deal.
So instead of living the dream, we find ourselves on the list of those they had to defeat.

Soon we watch our ideas and dreams lived by someone else, only because we decided to trust those who offered to help.
So rage grows and we start making promises of never being as naïve again.
We never want to lose again; the plan developing is always to be on the winning side.
We end up not being involved in initiatives which we don’t see ourselves winning.

Now we find ourselves doing everything for victory.
We even like giving to charity, as long as there’s a camera to capture the moment.
We do things for others if they make us look good to everyone watching.
So our promises for help end up being like those which were made to us when we started looking for help.

We are now living in a world of being a victim or a victor.
And being a victim is never something which someone was aware is going to happen.
This is because emerging victors never go for their predators; they make new and unaware victims.
And in the process, we forget what we wanted to be successful from, we just continue with this unjust cycle.

For victory to occur there has to be a winner and a loser.
However, success can successfully occur during coexistence of everyone.
We can also change the understanding of victory to the emergence of humankind under any circumstances.
The current context we are stand on, the V in victory stands for Vulture.

We need to change that.


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