Taking a loss

We all want nice things in life.

We even go to school for the promise of such things.

And on our way there, we make all the plans for when those days come.

After so much work, the pictured day comes, the results are not as expected.

Conversations come to the head, saying by this time I expected to be there.

Now I find myself here, everyone I started with is somewhere better than here.

I’m even scared to meet up with old friends because the convo we might have, is just a scare.

I don’t want to remind myself of how much in this life I have failed.

So I say it’s maturity that I don’t do things I used to do.

Whereas all I mean is it’s better to act older than expose yourself to everyone that you no longer believe in dreams.

Dreams are for kids, adults have problems

That’s why I push everyone away, even those who try to help in trying to solve em

But the truth is, all I want is feel like a kid again.

I want a circle where I can feel safe being in.

I want my dreams to come true, it doesn’t matter how long it really takes.

We all want to win, but for now, all I want is someone who can teach me how to take a loss.

Because I really miss a place where we never live with so much of a fuss.

Don’t we all wish life didn’t have to be so much work?


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