The large canvas that is Dignity

She’s awfully cranky lately – Probably not getting any

What a prude – probably inexperienced

Yoh, hond, word on the street is she sure gets around – los

Eh, I’ve seen umjita in action, sure gets around – boss

She called me over for movies – dawg, you know what that means??

He didn’t even touch me – red flag, chommie, must be gay

I’m not interested – Dang he must have hurt you

Yes he did hurt me – Damaged goods, guy ruined it for the rest of us

NO! – Playing hard to get I see

Man she’s bitter! – must be divorced

Single mother, never the head, still the neck


Constitutional Court on Constitution Hill.
Date Accessed: 24 March 2019

And at the end of the day, we may come to find that the lines where right and responsibility meet have become all too blurred

Where the elasticity of the state’s arm has come to a staggering hault and the matter is put into our own hands

What are you doing with that responsibility?

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