Let’s take a trip

Finding yourself is easier than you thought

Lets disappear
“Where to?”
To wherever your heart desires

Lets take a walk.

“Where to?”

To a place where you can walk barefoot and never get tired

Lets go get some food


Coz you need to feed the mind, I know a place where the food never expires

Do you ever dream of flying?

“Yes I do, but my pockets never allow me.”

I know a pilot that can take us higher

Going off-grid

Close your eyes, inhale and exhale

Light some candles and set the mood

Speak it into existence, she’s always listening on any day

Ready to make it right and ensure that all is good

Educate yourself and formulate your own thoughts

Colour outside the lines, design your own box

Keep your circle flexible

Loosen up, be like rubber bands

We are the GeltonNation, fuck your ‘geld’ we our own nation

We are more aliv3 than we have ever been

A movement like you have never seen, meet us at the station

Building this train, planning to go off the rails we tired of waiting

Follow my lead, focus on the bigger picture

We taking this to new heights

The ultimate heist

The revolution won’t be televised

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