An Escape from Reality: (stories for when we get successful )

We come from nowhere;
The only reason they cheer for where we come from now, is because they see us somewhere.
Our reality was; no one from there could ever make it anywhere.
And from seeing what was going on, we somehow believed that reality to be true.

To think one can eventually find a way was an illusion.
One could be seen as hallucinating if they put words on things they could achieve.
Luckily no one was equipped enough in the community to send such a soul to rehabilitation.
That was because reality classified being on drugs and seeing a different future as the same.

So we accepted the labels and being high on thoughts.
And in the process we scrutinized and questioned everything we were taught.
We understood that doing the same old things as others was something which needed to be fought.
And that also escalated every rumour which proved our crazy.

But now, because we chose not to accept reality, every other kid from nowhere can be able to dream.
They can dream more than simple dreams, because their circumstances do not define their destiny.
All we ever wished for was not to repeat the reality which always held us back before.
But we had wished to create a reality in which one’s thoughts and dreams are unlimited.
And at the end of the day, see those dreams manifest to reality

WE ARE THE GELTONNATION – The Redefinition of Dreams

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