Why We Dream: (stories for when we get successful )

Some of us never had it all.
Sometimes we felt our lives were not even worth living.
We woke up with no plan and went to bed without knowing if we’ll get a plate again.
What kept us going was an idea of a dream which may be realized someday.

Some people when they saw us, they thought we wanted something from them.
So they acted like they didn’t see us when they tried to run away.
So we dreamt of a day where we’d no longer be a burden to anyone anymore.
A day where we’d tell a story of making what seemed impossible be possible.

But that’s not why we dream every day.
The reason we dream is to not see someone we care about suffer as we did.
The dream is for the next little boy or girl after us to have it better than us.
We do not want them to make the same mistakes as us, they must make their own.

Not just the little ones after us, we also dream to build a house for our parents.
We dream to contribute valuably to the family and parental figures in our lives.
Knowing that we make our mentors proud, and our nephews and nieces are not scared to point at us, is the reason we wake up in the morning.
These are people, and once we forget the value they bring in our lives, we forget why we dream.

We may not realize it now, but our dreams are not only for us.
They are mostly of service to others.
Like our parents, in all that we can achieve, we want our communities to be safe for our families and loved ones.
That is why we feel a sense of pride when we help someone junior to us get school or some sort of a job.

But at some point in our lives, these dreams are individualized.
They tend to change to being number one, as being the number one priority.
And because of that, we don’t want anyone or anything which stands in our way.
This makes us forget why we dream.

We dream not to make enemies, but we dream to make possibilities.
What will happen when dreams come true and we do not have anyone to celebrate with?
Who will ask for the wisdom we’ve collected when we’re the ones everyone is scared of?
Who will continue with the legacy we’ve built when we don’t allow others to challenge us?

Our dreams are supposed to free us, not bind us.
They must build faith in the next generation of have not’s.
They must see where we came from and understand that we can suffer today,
And that never means we’ll suffer forever.


Setting up for dreams

4 responses to “Why We Dream: (stories for when we get successful )”

  1. “…when we don’t allow others to challenge us…
    This makes us forget why we dream”

    “… when those who understand what it took are around us”… listen to Chance the Rapper’s Hey Ma

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  2. We dream for any kind of freedom in our lifetime, financially or spiritually, and no matter the odds we should always strive to realize our goals, thank you GeltonNation for reminding us to dream again.


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