Common Sense

Photo by Nonku Seane 

So hungry for God

I am starved

So I stand at mountain-peak shouting at the top of my lungs:

“Abandon me not, Abba”

Even if you do feel I am the one who has strayed

Because these days I seem to be

Unsure in the Lord

Not sure of myself

Decisions made

And routes taken


I must be mistaken

Displaying a lack of trust in the master mind

That He will help me find a way,

Let me pave these roads

Make a better way

So to find the light,

At dawn, I have been running

Towards the light

I’m Icarus, Chasing Horizons

For the myth called sunshine,

“Ever-elusive is this light, my friend”

Just a child hunting only sacred twilight

Mounting rainbows after heavy reigns of sunset

As kindred spirits surfing trains

Searching for the light at the end of the tunnel

Yearning so much for a pot of gold at the finish line just to light a spark,

God knows,

I just might set myself alight

You are my one true source

My sixth sense

When no logic will do

You are my defence – My heart’s reflex.

Therefore let me not chase the light

That you have so deeply rooted in me

Let me beam in serenity

And remember that this light I seek endlessly

Is the same one that has never left me.

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