Sober Alcoholics: (The Make Up)

When we put on make-up, we assume a certain position for our faces.

We tell ourselves, this is how we want to be seen in all of the day’s circumstances.

Because of this decision, our main goal is not to ruin what we have put on for the masses.

So we mind how we interact with everything as we look at where we fit in certain spaces.

This is why when we cry, no one cares about what we feel but they’re concerned we’ll ruin our cover which is expensive.

They’ll give us tissues to mitigate the risk, so that we catch the tears before they leave the eyes.

They say image is everything; they’ll even give us medication to look energized and happy.

As long as we serve the needs of what they think we stand for, that is all we need to do.

So we get scared, the scars we hide must never come to surface.

We believe the audience only wants to see us when it is our best days.

And then it becomes a cycle because those who look up to us also learn the art of laying this “foundation”

And we all act surprised when we see a generation of people who don’t seem to care about what the other person feels.

We also act surprised when the happiest looking people, whom we thought enjoyed all the appreciation in life, end up on the side of depression.

It is surprising that it us who are surprised when we are the ones who never take off our make-up.

Others do not see who we are and we also do not bother to ask them to take off theirs, so that we can see who they really are.

We just enjoy being best friends because we go to the same places, yet we do not know if we suffer from the same stories.

Make-up is not just want people put on their faces, it’s everything we do to hide what’s happening in our lives. And you as an individual know what kind of make-up you put on every day.

May we have a place where we feel safe to take it off?


9 responses to “Sober Alcoholics: (The Make Up)”

  1. The make up we put on everyday leads to people we interact with not knowing exactly the side they should be knowing to know how to comfort us, Had we had a place to take our makes up off, we would know exactly which buttons to press when we feel less motivated and in need of strength to continue with our lives.

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  2. Many people we walk with, talk to everyday don’t know who we really are because of the make up we are wearing, in our days there are no safe places to take off the make up.l


  3. No hope at all ngwenya and we gonna act like, we didn’t see it coming when next generation multiples what we are doing currently because the pain is hidden by make-up


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