Sober Alcoholics: (because we want to belong)

There’s us, and there’s everything else.

We no longer fit where we come from, and we definitely do not fit where they think we’re at.

We wish to smile to give hope to those in our previous shoes, but we also wish to cry everyday when we’re alone.

We understand gratitude, we also want to understand what it means to be free.

What we look like is not really how we see ourselves.

These filters play a huge role in manipulating the sight of reality.

So we end up attracting the wrong crowd which becomes part of our society.

We do this with the hope that in the end, our lives will have a sense of clarity.


We jump from one train to the next, only to find out it is all the same.

All we ever wanted was to see someone who can say they understand.

It would be comforting to hear a story which talks about the things we go through.

Not just those understood as “below” us and all those which are clearly above us.


All we want is to feel at home.

Even if it’s a place far away from home.

As long as at some point we can speak without even saying a word.

Because all we do right now is find a place we can just forget about any pain.



Nothing beats a place where you know you belong.



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