Progress and Growth: (stories for when we get successful)

Death is not only when we die.

We also die when we get all stationary.

There is no growth without movement,

Progress is judged based on where you were yesterday.

Not everyone wants to move, but everyone wants to progress,

And when you leave people behind, not everyone will wish you success.

Instead, people will trigger a guilty conscience in you in order to impede your triumphs.

Until you learn to be lonely, you won’t be able to handle the pressures of success.


So decide now, to please others or to satisfy yourself.

To live someone else’s dream and put your own life on a shelf,

Or make them see your dream and see if they will try to help you.

Because friends push each other even when they feel they might lose you.

Don’t look for good friends, they are always there.

They don’t show it because everyone else is trying to get your attention.

You’ll start realizing it when everything hits the fan.

You’ll see real people coming up to you even when you no longer slay.


You’ll lose people, and you’ll gain a few.

Never cry when you lose a member of the crew.

Just be happy you had time, and together you grew.

For there comes a time where all of us have to take a different route.

Strive to always get better, try to always move.

Don’t be scared to fail, here there is no point to prove.

I’ve also lost a few, but whenever we meet, we’re still good.

And I still have my ride or dies, so I’m still good.


Progress and Success is Growth and Movement


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