They say no pain, no gain.
Yet, I’m in pain, again.
I was on my knees getting up, when I took another blow.
Hence, I’m writing this letter lying on the floor.


I’ve done my every part right, I believe.
They said I’ll be rewarded for my hard work, I received.
My reward has taken too long; I think someone else retrieved it.
I’ve knocked on every door I could reach, they’re locked.
And there’s those saying I’m lazy, when nobody sees me.

It’s been a knock after knock; I’m learning ways for my fall not to hurt more than before.
I say big boys never cry, when my heart is bleeding from the core.
My knees are hurting from crawling, hoping there’s an opening on the next door.
I’m scared of looking at my face; it’s been smashed too much from these closing doors.


I wrote this letter on the verge of giving up.
I was looking at how far I’ve come; how long I’ve tried or cried.
I realized it’s been a lot of pain than it’s been gains.
Also realized there’s so much I’ve endured, therefore I can still take one more knock

I am standing up again


2 responses to “MORE PAIN, NO GAIN”

  1. Ei Bawo. I have also taken so many knocks, then if l give in now that means all those punches l took were for no reward.



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