The Podium: (stories for when we get successful)

We stand in front of people not because we are any better than them,

We stand at a higher stage facing a different direction not because we want all the applause.

We do not have the answers because we are also seeking solutions.

Just because we are not perfect, it does not mean we’ll sit back and not try to inspire our people.


We stand here because we believe one of us needs to hear a voice from one of us to get up and start.

We believe once we show confidence in ourselves, we can overcome the ills which held us back in the past.

We’ve realized help for us won’t be found in foreign places; hence we ignore our flaws to take a stance for a bigger cause.

For our flaws limit us into thinking we cannot liberate ourselves, hence we bow to every other body which comes from different shores.


Because our people tend to believe their greatness is a lie, we use these platforms to try remedying such mentalities.

Others can choose to go with the flow, but us, we are those who believe in collective revolutions.

So we keep going for those negative thoughts hoping for a miracle to help us break those boundaries.

The boundaries are of fear and self-doubt, so that everyone else can be at the mercy of our geniuses.

Yes there are better initiatives for fulfilling the course.

But these projections can reach an audience which is much larger.

They can be able to find and talk to my unknown sister.

We might be called likers of things, but the reasons we stand on these podiums are much, much bigger.



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