Logic Overridden by Passion: (stories for when we get successful)

There were times I believed I couldn’t make it,

I believed I wasn’t even enough,

I wasn’t privileged enough.

There were times when I tried to convince myself into giving up.

I had the future only in the head, but I only lacked the hands,

Hands as tools to build at least a foundation as a structure to restore hope.

So I sat down hoping that someone would fall from the sky to lend me a hand.

I never realized that someone would see an opening to come and take my vacant land.


My sitting around gave me headaches, both literally and figuratively.

My mind was in the future, my surroundings in the past, and my present was confused by where I was choosing to be.

I had to train my muscles not to be influenced by their immediate environment.

They had to follow what the mind desired and logic had to be suppressed until results were achieved.

Because no logic was followed, failure was no longer a threat.

Instead, failure inspired new ways of doing things better,

And that habit grew until failure was something that was hoped for.

For failure kept one sharp, and willing to find more solutions.


I am standing here, not to make anyone proud.

But I stand here just to give a real shout out.

To that little voice screaming creativity and innovation inside our head.

I hope it gets louder until it cannot be contained anymore.

Because we die in contempt, while not even trying to attempt to live to our true being

If you hear this. May it be the beginning of something that will forever be amazing



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