Thank You

I came here as a boy, but I now leave as a man.

I had already done my Xhosa rituals though, but being a man is not just going to the mountain.

The truth is that you’ve helped me grow, and I’ll forever be grateful.

Now that time to part is upon us, allow me to say Thank You.


When we first met, I never knew the impact we’d get from each other.

The few times together were incomparable to no other.

From your stupidity and intelligence, I learned so much and school is no better.

I just hope now that I’m leaving, there’s something you’ll remember me about when you meet another.


I did not know a lot of people when I came, but meeting you was of much significance in my stay.

In everything we’ve said, I heard your desires of life and I ask for them to become true as I pray.

I’m not evil, but I wish for a heart as big as a beast so I can be able to physically keep you inside as prey.

I don’t wish to see your tears fall, even though I understand that bottling things is not okay.


Forgive me for the short or no notice to leave, it hurts me too I do not want to lie.

Even though I kinda like it because you didn’t have much time to see me cry.

For I know you wouldn’t be happy to see me like that and to cheer me there isn’t anything you wouldn’t try.

As much as I’d love to stay, it now the time to say bye-bye.




Thank You for letting me be me,

Thank you for making me feel like I matter.

In you, I met family.

No matter what happens after this, there’s one I want you to always remember…




Again, Thank You. You’ve been a good sport.


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