I’m no King: (stories for when we get successful)

I am not of royal blood.

My family name is not even famous.

The people I look up to, I’m not related to.

The governing people may have seen my name, however, they’ve never called my name.

For some time, that knowledge held me down,

It made me not to go for the crown, but to only try not to drown.

It was not for me to shine, I only had to find a way to survive.

In my head, the chairs at the podium were all filled. I found myself lucky just by being afforded general access.


This bruised my self-confidence, so for its survival, I did a little more.

I followed more lives of Kings

I followed more until I found myself helping others become King.

Because in theory, a King is supposed to do something for the little guy.

I didn’t see any King in my surroundings, I took it upon myself to be with the smaller beings.

Before I knew it, I was their voice. So I didn’t have a choice but to show a brave face.

Seeing hope in someone’s eyes made me to finally feel I have a purpose.


For once, I was the one looked up to.

At times it got too much and got to my head too.

To keep my cool, I had to remind myself that I was never King.

And even though I may never be King, I will always have my reign.

Even though I may never be King, I want to remind you that you are the real King. Yes YOU, my KING.



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