For When We Made it


We were terrified because we were never trained to walk this road before.
We were never taught how to live outside the norm,
Our path was predefined by school and success was only defined by a job.
Later we learned we were a big number and employers needed their space to breathe

School did not teach us to dream but we used some of its tools to learn on our own.
Along with such we also experienced no one was with us, so we were just on our own.
That was when one started to wonder if we made a right decision or was just fooling our own.
Anxiety and fright sat in and we started doubting everything we managed to build on our own.


Every time we tried to conform and follow the norm,
The desire unsettled us and felt like it was to explode like a bomb.
So we kept going even though there was no evidence of seeing hope from the front.
We walked blindly but we could see clearly where we intended to go.

For every plan we had, either us or others had reasons why it was going to fail.
Until we realized our analysis tools were also flawed because they were ordinary,
Our mission seemed complex but we knew it was extraordinary.
We realized we won’t fulfill it if we were scared to fail regularly.

So we got up and walked. We got up and did things
We got rejected so much at the beginning but we kept preparing for the next.
We were scared but we never allowed ourselves to run out of motivations
We knew if we did it, we’d be setting a good precedence for the next generations

What we have may never have existed before,
But the attitude to get to one’s dream can be developed in anyone and that’s for sure
We have to learn that sometimes we must think less and do more.
And through faith, patience, and action we can open every door

We still are scared but we won’t stop going



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