Reply Letter by Self


Earlier you wrote to me, while you were at the same time writing to you

I understood everything even those ones directed to you

I won’t reply to me here, however, I’ll try by all means to reply to you


I was happy to see you fly

I still am happy you did not die

These things won’t stop occurring, but I want to tell you it is okay to cry

The reason I am writing back is to tell you that our stories are the same

Yes, it is true, your life goes in circles but you’d be blind if you do not find a way out


This is Self, I see me when I look at you

When you fail, I fail, when you don’t make sense, guess what? So do I

In a crowd, I’m there because you brought me

And I don’t need a mirror to see you

Even if I had to choose, the reflection I’d want to be is that of you



The dark is not meant for us

Together we’ll walk to the light, the cloud of darkness is fading

Let that heart pump, for we need that blood to circulate throughout your system

Let’s use the mind to control the pressure because what matters most is thinking……straight


This is what you’ve taught me. Darkness or light shouldn’t stop anyone from moving

As long as the goal is clear, being brought down must be outnumbered by always getting up stronger

Life is not friendly, and you’ll never reach your fairytale by comparing yourself to anyone

The problem is not the eyes, but a laser-focused vision can get you quicker to the light



I don’t want to insult your intelligence, you know the difference between hot and cold

Maybe I’ll remind you that the weather merely suggests a tiny adjustment on your daily procedures

If your goal is clear, it means you have suitable clothes for the rest of the year

No excuses


This is Self, I told you when I see you, I see me

And failure is when we quit, I’ll tell you when we’re going that way

I’ll be frank because you cannot beat me without feeling the pain

I’ll always be here and infinity togetherness is our motto every day


I’d also like you to help take out the word failure from our vocabulary first

Let us not let a storm impede our quest, for the sight of the rainbow, is imminent

You and I are leaders to the light, the people are walking with us

Through us, they shall see strength and believe in building castles and pushing boundaries.

The only choice we have is to get there, for the mission is to fulfill our worth

GN (2)

I Thank You

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