Still I climb, still I rise by Hlumelo Nyaluza

Hlumelo Nyaluza is the author of the world’s most uniquely structured book called Navigate Humans: Be Against Normality. The book, which he wrote in 19 days to write, shows the “Navigators” ways to move from nothing to everything. He believes that with this project, he can be able to help people reach their dreams.

He writes to give us an insight of his journey and beliefs and we can hear him if we listen close enough: 

Still I climb, still I rise

Life is a mountain, moving mountains is the life of a hustler but climbing that mountain is a lifetime hustle. Climb before you move, in fact the moment you start climbing the mountain is moving but the climber will never notice like the earthling doesn’t feel the rotations of earth.

Here’s a young man with no experience, no expertise, no ropes no “nothing” daring to climb the tallest mountain not ever seen. It’s so tall that even the naked eye can’t see it, even the fastest rocket that can travel the furtherest can’t reach it and even the smartest scientists haven’t discover it yet. The young man is the only genius that can see it.

Where is the experience though? If the young man has no experience will he ever succeed in his potential never-ending mission of climb the universe’s tallest mountain? Is he setting himself for failure? Where are the expertise? How will he NAVIGATE himself to the top through all the obstacles? Will he ever reach the top? Where are the ropes? Are you telling me that this young man is willing to climb the highest mountain in the universe without anything to fall back on? Is it suicide? What is this young man doing? Is he human?

The young man only has a dream of doing the impossible, turning the impossible to “I’m possible” and positively taking a leap of faith with the higher power beside him to climb that mountain. He once asked himself those ten questions and more before but realised that he’ll die asking himself questions instead of daring to take the first step to the unkown. Even if he went around doing research asking questions from gods of doctors, doctors of doctors, within that field, he knew that he was not going to get any answers as no one has ever seen the mountain he’s intending to climb. How can anyone have answers to something he’s/she has never seen nor encountered before?

In fact it’s too late because the young man is half way through doing the impossible if not one step away from reaching the top of the universe’s tallest mountain. Many think he’s crazy,. Many are asking themselves tons of questions as to whether the young man’s quest will be a success or not. As many are asking, the young man is already climbing not waiting for anyones opinion as he knows no one else has a clue on what he wants to achieve. He knows the only way everyone’s going to understand is by them seeing him attempting it and eventually reaching the destination.

“Look up, there he is”, now people are gathering in masses and making sure that they are following the journey of this young man. The naysayers, the doubters, the experts that said it’s impossible are now gobsmacked in disbelief and they are abruptly turning into believers of this man’s vision. They now see the vision. Anyway the young man never resented them, he always knew that people hate what they don’t understand or know. Like the Bible says, “Forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing”. His all time mission was to make them see it, love it, believe in it and be a part of it. Now, everyone wants to start climbing this mountain since they see it’s possibilities and that they are well aware that there are greener pastures on top of the mountain. The young man is still climbing and encouraging the rest to follow his footsteps and promises to navigate them to a better world and more people are now gathering to follow. It’s a movement! He’s now given a special name, Human Navigator 👑

I am that young man, I don’t know how long it will take for me to climb this mountain, I don’t know whether it will lead me to heaven or paradise or both but all I know is that the journey will be a historical one. I know the journey will change millions of lives, break the chains that were created by previous systems allowing our generation to break other limits that were set by the previous generations. Most of all I know it will inspire generations for centuries to come.

Still I climb, still I rise!


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